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DreamOver studio Co.,Ltd.Our Hong Kong headquarters into the software development market for ten years, has been committed to providing customers with high quality, high cost, absolutely customized software development services. From the mobile terminal application to provide customers with internal management system to the network and shopping platform facing the world as small as the operation and information processing system, we can design the most suitable for your software, Give you the most professional project suggestion. We value your every request, never underestimate every detail, we are dedicated to providing more superior technical support for your business, as well as more of the most professional team to provide you with pre-communication and after-sales technical support services. No matter what industry you are, DreamOver will provide you with the best high-quality design best for your company.


Phone - 400-86020268
Email - sales@dreamover-studio.com
China Address - A66 (South Block, F2-2, Pearl River New City), 9th Floor, North Tower, Tower V,11 Xiancun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,
Hong Kong Address - Unit 308-313, 3/F, Enterprise Place No.5 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

Full of Vitality Members

Project Director - Over 10 years ERP project experience
Technical Director - Almighty Technology, Bever Missed
Front Magician - Just Use The Magic Wand , The Front Will Fully Understand
Full Stack Engineer - Perseverance, The Pursuit Of Technological Innovation
Mobile Engineer - Solid Technology, The Pursuit Of The Ultimate Mobile Experience
System Back-End Engineer - Amazing Talent, Single Programmer

What Are Our Advantages?

With all the way to grow, DREAMOVER's APP & WEBSITE has been continuously making progress. Here's why our customers choose to trust us.

High-End IT Custom Leader

Compared to the thousands of competitors in the market, we have been running the market for more than 10 years. High-tech products and excellent customer service make DREAMOVER the forefront of the software industry.

Excellent Customer Service

DREAMOVER is an indicator of the priority of customer satisfaction and we will never stop pursuing this goal. We have created a team of experts to understand how to help customers solve their problems.